1:64 Red Volvo 770 Semi, Farmall 100th Anniversary (ZJD1927)


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Introducing the 1:64 100 Years Farmall Volvo 770 Tractor Trailer – a timeless tribute to Farmall’s century-long legacy. This meticulously crafted model encapsulates the spirit of the iconic brand since its inception in 1923. With its striking design and superior attention to detail, it proudly represents the “One For All” philosophy cherished by generations of farmers and enthusiasts alike.

• Made by SpecCast
• Special Farmall 100th Anniversary edition
• Trailer features “100 Years Farmall” and “The One For All Since 1923” verbiage
• Trailer’s rear doors are openable
• Die-cast construction
• Baked enamel finish
• Ages : 14+